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Publications to help explain the unemployment insurance program in more detail. A web-based system that allows the Department of Labor and employers to communicate when a new claim is filed. Reports display only the last four digits of an employee’s Social Security number for added security and to protect employees’ privacy. For case result updates and follow steps based on case result provided. Employee ID is an optional field for users who wish to assign an internal tracking code to a case.

  • Conduct job development activities and assist Veterans in becoming placed in a suitable occupation.
  • On the other hand, employee spotlights offer more personalized insights into your company culture.
  • You can’t hope to influence or manage your employer brand if you don’t know what people think about you, so an employer brand audit is the first step.
  • These suits may involve, for example, an employer’s unlawful failure to hire or promote an applicant because of his race or termination of an employee because of her sex.
  • Think of your EVP as the guiding light of your employer branding efforts.

A company that trains its employees will be more attractive to potential new employees, particularly those looking to advance their skills. If you need more information about specific labor laws, theeLaws Advisorsare interactive tools provided by the U.S. They provide detailed information about a number of federal employment laws. The Occupational Safety and Health Act regulates health and safety conditions in private-sector industries to ensure that work environments do not pose any serious hazards. Covered employers are required to display a poster in the workplace, outlining workers’ rights to request an OSHA inspection, how to receive training on hazardous work environments, and how to report issues. If the active service member becomes seriously ill or is injured in the course of their duties, coverage may be extended for up to 26 weeks of unpaid leave during a 12-month period.

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Referred applicants will be notified as such and may be contacted directly by the hiring office for an interview. All referred applicants receive a final notification once a selection decision has been made. As mentioned earlier, employee training is not just good for the employees but also for the firm. Conducting frequent training and development programs is one way of developing the organization’s employer brand, thus making it a prime consideration for the top employees working for competitor firms, as well as graduates.

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If we aren’t successful, we have the authority to file a lawsuit to protect the rights of individuals and the interests of the public and litigate a small percentage of these cases. When deciding to file a lawsuit, the EEOC considers several factors such as the strength of the evidence, the issues in the case, and the wider impact the lawsuit could have on the EEOC’s efforts to combat workplace discrimination. Remember, the uss express review idea here is to understand how they really think and feel about the company, so be sure to ask questions that will provide meaningful information. Seventy-seven percent of job seekers want to learn about your culture and values before applying for open roles. Candidates are literally telling us what they want to see during the job search. Your employer branding efforts can be a great way to communicate these features.


This report is available to corporate administrators and program administrators. A Duplicate Cases Found alert appears for a case that contains information found in one or more cases created within the last 365 days under the same employer account. If an employer receives a Duplicate Cases Found alert, there may be valid reasons for them to create a new case for the same employee, such as if the previous case contains incorrect information.

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Employer branding isn’t easy, and there’s no sense rushing the process. Once you’ve tackled these items, you’ll be able to dive into more advanced employer branding projects.

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